9 Ways To ImproveFleet Management Efficiency

Cartrack's Vehicle Fleet Tracking is the Easiest Way to

Keep Your People, Vehicles, and Other Assets Safe

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Tired of waiting for an install?

Cartrack installers are based across New Zealand and we can do installation for your whole fleet or a new vehicle typically within 24 -48 hours.
There's no need to take vehicles off the road because we come to you.


What's in it for you?

No business interruption because the installation only takes minutes and does not interrupt your busy schedule. Our experienced installers are located all around New Zealand and can visit your site at short notice.


Need new features?

Forget about costly custom development, because Cartrack most likely already has what you need and you can get access to experience it with our FREE no obligation trial.


What's in it for you?

We can offer the features you are after because our software development team stays ahead of of the curve. Monthly updates to our software ensure we anticipate what you need and deliver before you even have to ask.


Industry Pioneers

Did you know that Cartrack is one of the international pioneers of GPS tracking? That's one reason why our software and hardware are innovative, sophisticated, reliable, and robust.


Tested and Proven

Every Cartrack installation uses technology (both hardware and software) manufactured by Cartrack. It has been tested and proven on over a million vehicles in different conditions.


Are you ready to experience the difference?

Even if you've never had GPS tracking before, or if you've used something for a while, we have a simple proposition - give Cartrack a shot with a FREE TRIAL


What's the difference?

In few words, Cartrack advantage is providing more ways to improve feet management efficiency through more reliable hardware, more functional software and more experienced installers. Topped with low cost and great customer service you get a winning combination.


No Third Parties

Cartrack is a one stop shop from hardware and software design all the way through to manufacturing and installation in your fleet.
This continuity gives you the reliability you need when it comes to fleet management efficiency.


What's in it for you?

Most GPS tracking companies use third party companies for installation. By having installers in-house we can ensure a speedy install that is done to our high standards.



Take full advantage of our FREE, no obligation trial and experience the difference yourself. You are the best judge of what's working for you.


What's in it for you?

The real opportunity to experience how Cartrack can improve your fleet efficiency. Even if you are using a different tracking system at present you can use Cartrack side by side to experience the difference.

Re-discover Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Key Questions Every Fleet Manager Wants the Answers For /beyond the basics/

Where are your assets right now?​

Do you have assets or equipment (other than your vehicles) off-site or on the road?

Do you need to maintain a set temperature for your load?

Do you have service or delivery people visiting sites? Learn More

What is Your Drivers’ Performance on the Road?

Are you keeping track of driver hours to make sure they’re taking breaks?

Do you have a way of monitoring driving speed to ensure drivers are staying within the speed limit?

Can you identify dangerous incidents, manoeuvres, and actions? Learn More

Are Delivery Schedules and Planned Routes Followed?

How accurate is your client billing or job cost allocation?

Is managing your logistics and driving costs a major pain?

How easy is it to identify who is closest to an urgent job that has come through?

Learn More

What is 'No Compromise' GPS Tracking?

Not every GPS tracking system is made equal.

What is great about Cartrack is the broad range of capability our system has.

The best way to describe this is us never saying no to your needs.  

It’s not a guarantee but we are fairly confident we can solve any challenge you throw our way.

To learn more call  0508 CARTRACK (09) 444 1244. 

One of Many Handy "Must Have" Benefits

With Cartrack’s real-time, event-based vehicle fleet tracking, you can set up geofences, speeding, and driving behavior notifications to be sent straight to your mobile phone.

Discover Some of the Most
Useful Alerts:

Speeding Notifications

A vehicle travelling at 107kms per hour uses 20-25% more fuel than a vehicle travelling at 100kms per hours.

Use Alerts to highlight any event where a vehicle travels over the road speed limit. Customise it further to specify speeding events over a certain kms per hour, to target the occurrences in which you are notified about.

Harsh Driving Notifications


A vehicle which is subjected to harsh breaking, acceleration or cornering can require more frequent servicing and maintenance, costing the company more per vehicle in the long run.

There are three more Alerts

Explore the full range of available alerts by getting in touch today.

Call 0508 CARTRACK (09) 444 1244.

One of our consultants will be glad to share with you the full story about GPS tracking and will help you understand if your business truly needs it or not.

Take a moment to explore the safety and security of your assets on the road for the sake of your peace of mind.

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Free trial

You can choose a free trial to experience the benefits and advantages of the Cartrack vehicle fleet tracking solution. No limitations, because we want you to be 100% certain we’re the right fit.

Did you know that
You can Choose Cartrack JUST for new vehicles

from $20per vehicle per month

over 45 functions

we provide on-going training so that you can stay on top of newly developed features, which are introduced throughout the year because we continue to innovate.

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Within just 2 business days from now your free trial can start because we have local installers across the whole of New Zealand.

Installation does not require to taking vehicles off the road because we can travel where you are and make sure the tracking device is discretely installed.

And then you’ll be on your way and enjoying vehicle fleet tracking.